News story: Minister for Europe comments on political developments in Macedonia

Sir Alan Duncan visited Skopje, from 22 to 24 February, where he met with a range of political leaders including President Ivanov. The minister reaffirmed the UK’s firm commitment to Macedonia and its support for Macedonia’s EU accession and NATO membership.

There has been a political crisis in Macedonia since 2015 and early elections took place in December last year. During his visit Minister Duncan encouraged leaders to move forward with the formation of a government and end the political crisis. He also highlighted the need to make progress with the much needed reform process. Following his departure, a clear majority of MPs elected in December have shown they can and want to form a government. However, President Ivanov has now decided to withhold the mandate, thus preventing the government from being formed.

Following this announcement, Sir Alan Duncan said:

67 newly elected MPs representing different communities across Macedonia have asked to form a government.

67 out of 120 is a clear majority. President Ivanov should reconsider his decision.

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