Sonce Statute





Established on 17th November, 2003
Hotel: Bonnington, 92 Southempton Row
London WC1B 4BH


General provisions

Article 1
With this Statute it is determined:
– the name of the association, registration and its headquarters (premises)
– activities and goals
– membership
– leadership, its responsibilities and way of managing the association
– representation
– transparency of the activities
– termination
– other issues concerning association’s work

Article 2
MCAA Sonce, London acts as an independent organisation in which voluntarily and out of free will assemble citizens, whose aim is preserving and nourishing the Macedonian national folklore. Besides that, it is involved in the animation of the Macedonian immigration in UK, by performing a variety of cultural and entertaining performances. The association is strictly non-partisan (non-political, not affiliated to any political party), non-religious and non-governmental organisation.

MCAA Sonce is established on 17th November, 2003 in London, UK.

Name of the Association

Article 3
Macedonian Cultural and Artistic Association (MCAA) SONCE is the full name of the association. MCAA Sonce is the abbreviated name.

Activities and Goals

Article 4
The activities and goals of the association are:
– Preserving, preparation and public presentation of the originating and contemporary (modern) Macedonian folklore. The ethnographic content is made of: songs, dances, drama, vocal and instrumental performances.
– Gathering of the Macedonians in the UK in order to develop and improve their cultural and artistic life, as well as to nourish the sense of belonging to the Macedonian culture.
– Qualitative presentation of the Macedonian folklore contents in festive, voluntary, competitor and commercial events in Great Britain, Macedonia and other countries.
– Establishing and improvement of the relations with similar association in UK, Macedonia and other countries.


Article 5
The membership is voluntary. Everyone that accepts the Statute can be a member. He or she fills in an application form that is considered and accepted by the Executive Committee.

Articles 6, 7 and 8
A complaint can be submitted towards the Executive Committee’s decision within a period of 14 days, after decision has been brought down. The Assembly’s decision is final. There is a Membership Registry Book for the evidence of members and it is the President’s responsibility.

Article 10
Members of MCAA Sonce are those who:
– Actively participate in one of the groups.
– Are actively involved in the managing bodies.
– Support the work by donation and sponsorship

Article 11
The members of the association will have a membership card which can be used for discounts on cultural and entertaining activities, as well as other offers of the sponsors in the association.

Article 12
The membership fee is symbolic and is paid annually. The amount is determined by the Executive Committee.

Article 13
Rights and responsibilities of the members
– Participation in the activities of the associations
– Right for a written report from the managing bodies within a period of 14 days
– Right to vote and to be elected in the bodies
– To participate in amending of the Statute and preparation of the annual plan.
– To abide by the provisions in the Statutes and other acts brought down by the Executive Committee
– To participate in the activities and towards achieving the goals of the association
– To protect the reputation and interests of the association
– To behave in a proper manner towards other members of the association
– To look after the property of the association
– Without association’s consent not to participate in similar cultural and artistic associations.

Article 14
The membership in SONCE is terminated in the following cases:
– By somebody’s own will, with a written or verbal statement.
– By Executive Committee’s decision, because of breaching the provisions in the Statute.

Article 15
Complaint against the decision can be submitted within the following 14 days. The Assembly is obliged to review and give final decision upon the complaint within 30 days.

Article 16
MCAA Sonce can reward a member for his/her envolvemement, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, and by a decision of the Assembly.

Article 17
The association can join in a union with other associations that perform similar cultural-artistic activities in England Macedonia and other countries.

The Leadership, its responsibilities and a way of management

Article 18
The members of MCAA Sonce manage directly or indirectly through the bodies established with this Statute:
The bodies of the association are:
– Founder
– President
– Executive Committee
– Assembly

MCAA Sonce was founded on initiative of Kiko Manevski.
Founder rectifies and sings the decisions of the Executive committee and the MCAA official documents.


Article 19
The president is elected by the Assembly for a mandate of 1 year, with possibility for re-election in the following years. An initiative for President Election can be submitted by every member of the Association. The Application should be submitted within 14 days of the opening for the election, after being approved by the Electoral Assembly. The application for President is submitted in a written form containing general information about the candidate as well as annual plan for the work of the association. The Application should be presented orally before the voting of the Electoral Assembly. The Application must be signed by three members of the association that participate in the Electoral Assembly. The President gives suggestions for the members of the Executive Committee.
The President is elected by half of the votes plus one from the present members of the Executive Committee.

Article 20
The President of the MCAA Sonce is the President of the Executive Committee at the same time and has a right to vote.

Article 21
The procedure for revoking, suspending, call off, countermand can be started by three members of the association. The initiative has to be submitted to the Executive Committee, in a written form signed by the initiators. The initiation/suggestion is being viewed by the Electoral Assembly. The decision is brought down by half percentage plus one of the members present at the Electoral Assembly.
Revoking of the President can be brought down by Executive Committee with simple multiplicity (50% votes + 1 from the total number of members in the Executive Committee).

Article 22
The President performs activities as written in the Statute of the Association, and especially:
– Organises the activities of the association
– Implementation of the Statute
– Represents and signing on behalf of the association
– Controls the work of the Association according to the legislation in England
– Establishes co-operation with institutions and associations in England, Macedonia and other countries
– Delegates the work of the Assembly and Executive Committee
– The president gives suggestion of the work plan of the assembly and Executive Committee
– Submits report for his/her work to the Executive Committee and the Assembly.

Executive Committee

Article 23
The Executive Committee is and executive body that comprises of nine members with an annual mandate. All the members have their rights and responsibilities, described in the Statute of the association. It executes the decisions and conclusions of the Assembly.

Article 24
The president of the association, who is the president of the Executive Committee calls and manages the meetings. In case of absence the Deputy is in charge and he/she is elected by the Committee with simple multiplicity (50%+1 of the total number of members). The Deputy President is a member of the Executive Committee at the same time. The meetings are called when necessary and at least once a month.

Article 25
Minutes are being taken down for the meetings of the Executive Committee and they are signed by the President.

Article 26
In the framework of liability the Executive Committee:
– Sets suggestions for amendments of the Statute
– Suggests annual plan
– Suggests financial plan
– Delegates the ownership of the association
– Names and calls off the groups/sections managers
– Decides for presentation of the association in England, Macedonia and other countries
– Suggests sponsorship and decides upon contracts with sponsors
– Submits a report about its work to the Assembly
– Elects deputy president.


Article 27
The assembly is consisted/comprised of all the members.
It works on the principle of simple multiplicity of the members present.

Article 28
The Assembly can be gathered by The President or The Executive Committee (by simple multiplicity i.e. 50% + 1 of the total number of the members in the Executive Committee). The assembly can be held if requested of at least three member of the association. The President is obliged to call the Assembly for a meeting within the following 14 days of the submission of the request.

Article 29
Every member of the Assembly has rights and responsibilities/obligations to:
– Actively participate in the regular and electoral meetings of the Assembly
– Defend opinions and citizens the work of the President and the Executive Committee.
– Vote and to be elected

Article 30
The assembly is called when necessary, but at least once a year.
The meetings can be:
– Regular
– Electoral
– Emergency/Extraordinary/Special

Article 31
The Assembly is obliged to:
– Do the Statute of the association, to amend or change.
– Establish politics for development
– Bring programme orientation
– Go through the reports of work of the managing organs
– Bring financial plan
– Elect and revoke the President of the association
– Elect and call off the Executive Committee
– Review and decide upon member’s complaints

Transparency of the work

Article 32
The association has its own web site where it represents its activities and accomplishments.

Article 33
All the members will be able to send questions to the President and the Executive Committee via e-mail.

Termination of work

Article 34
The Association Sonce terminates its work:
– In compliance/accordance to the laws in England
– By decision of the Assembly of the Association

Article 35
In case of termination of work, the Executive Committee makes the decision for the ownership.

Final Provision

The Statute of MCAA Sonce is in force since the first meeting of the Electoral Assembly.