Macedonians in the United Kingdom refers to people from the Republic of Macedonia that have formed

communities in or were born in the United Kingdom. The 2011 UK Census recorded a total of 2,983 residents who stated that their country of birth was Macedonia.

History of Macedonians in the United Kingdom

The majority of Macedonians in Britain arrived after the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia permitted emigration to the West in the 1960s and 1970s. Many Macedonians especially from the Demir Hisar, Bitola and Prilep regions left for Britain during this period. During the 1980s many professionals left Skopje to work in London for the Socialist Republic of Macedonia and for international organisations stationed there. Following the Breakup of Yugoslavia hundreds of ethnic Macedonians left for Britain. After the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s many ethnic Macedonians and Albanians from the newly independent Republic of Macedonia left for Britain as refugees. In 2001 the number of people born in the Republic of Macedonia who resided in the UK was 1,285 although it is estimated by the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that about 9,000–10,000 ethnic Macedonians live in England.

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MCAA Sonce


Since has been established, in November 2003, the MCAA “Sonce” is very active in promoting Macedonian national folklore within Macedonian community in UK and presenting it to the British and international public…

On 17th of November 2003, Macedonian Cultural and Artistic Association “Sonce” was founded in London. The inaugural meeting took place at the Bonnington Hotel; the president was elected and a draft statute document of the association was presented… more

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Skopje - Luton
Дали ви се случило и на вас?!
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CETVRTAK 15.03. 2018
ili Corner Terrace, Fulham Kitchen & Cafe Resentin
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Parni Valjak Live in London Thursday 15.03.2018 | The Clapham Grand Tickets:

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Овогодишен учесник на Меѓународниот саем за современа уметност “Art Rooms”, кој се одржа во Лондон, меѓу 20 и 22 јануари, е и британско-македонскиот уметник, Армандо Алемдар.

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Извонреден настап на Симон Трпчески во Wigmore Hall, кој во придружба на Александар Краповски (виолина), Александар Сомов (чело), Хидан Махмудов (кларинет, саксофон) и Влатко Нушев (удиралки), го изведе Makedonissimo, од македонскиот композитор со британска адреса, Панде Шахов.

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Alen Islamovic of Bijelo Dugme is coming to London on the 14th of April!! Don't miss this amazing concert!! ... See MoreSee Less

Alen Islamović and His Live Band

April 14, 2018, 7:30pm - April 14, 2018, 10:00pm

Alen Islamović and His Live Band will be performing the best hits of Balkan rock history such as HEROIN, NESREĆO MOJA , LIPE CVATU, HAJDEMO U PLANINE, RUŽICA SI BILA, AKO IMA BOGA, ALCATRAZ, LOPOV, ĐURĐEVDAN, A I TI ME IZNEVJERI, TI SI SAMO TI and many more! Alen Islamović learned to play the guitar at an early age when Bosnia – currently celebrating 25 years of independence – was called Yugoslavia; at 17 Islamović joined the band Bag on bass guitar and started writing songs inspired by some of his own heroes which included Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. Having started his professional career with Wild Strawberries, the hard rock band with the original name of Divlje Jagode, and its renowned album titled Motori, Alen Islamović left the band to join Bijelo Dugme in 1986. When the band split up in 1986 Alen was invited to join Bijelo Dugme by their longtime guitarist, Goran Bregović; Bijelo Dugme had been building huge audiences since the late 1970s but against rising tensions in the country, they disbanded in 1989…reuniting in 2005 for a series of sellout shows in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade. Islamović was a part of Bijelo Dugme when it established its status as the most popular YU-rock band of all time with hits such as ''Hajdemo U Planine'', ''Ruzica Si Bila...'', ''Đurdevdan'', ''Nakon Svih Ovih Godina'', ''A I Ti Me Iznevjeri'', ''Zaklet Ću Se'' and ''Ćiribiribela''. With Bijelo Dugme, he sold over 1 million copies between 1987 and 1989, recording 7 solo albums as well between 1989 and 2004. Such was the success of the concerts Alen joined up with vocalists Željko Bebek and Tifa in a Bijelo Dugme tribute band and performed internationally from 2006-2010. In 2013 Islamović appeared at the annual Belgrade Beer Fest in front of thousands of people; it led to the release of a new studio album in 2014 titled Alcatraz. Islamović collaborated with Goran Bregović and his Weddings and Funerals orchestra for the last two years, appearing in a sold-out gig on 23 February 2017 at Eventim Apollo, once again organized by Piu Entertainment. ''30 Kvadrata'', ''Alcatraz'', ''Aida'', ''Heroin'', ''Haj’ Nek Se Čuje Čuje'' and ''Nesrećo Moja'' are the songs that stand out when his discography is considered. Yet, with his eccentric persona and stunning stage presence, Alen Islamović never fails to impress a crowd! #alenislamovic #alenislamovicisback #pientertainment #shepherdsbushempire

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Не за промена на името МАКЕДОНИЈА
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