Ingredients needed 1 kg of flour 1 egg salt, cooking oil, water Choose filling: spinach, leek, potato, cheese, eggs, cabbage… How to prepare Prepare the paste: divide it into two pieces and then each piece divide into 10 equal pieces. Make a “kora” of each piece. “Kora” is a thin […]


Turshija od piperki pronounced: tour-she-yah Use 1 peck bell peppers. Remove seeds and cut peppers in half. Bring to a boil 6qts water, 3 qts. white vinegar, 8 T sugar, 6T salt and 1-1/2 c olive oil. Drop peppers into liquid and boil a few minutes, but do not overcook. […]

Jerinkitz Peppers – Turshija

Ingredients needed 1 kg of mixed meat – pork, veal, mutton “zarzavat” – potato, tomato, capsicum, onion, parsley, egg plant, French beans, ladies fingers … salt, pepper, paprika, cooking oil How to prepare Chop meat and fresh vegetable and put it in a pottery saucepan. Add spices, stir and then […]

Turli Tava

Ingredients needed 500g of bean 1 onion 100ml of cooking oil 2-3 pieces of red dry capsicum pepper, salt, flour, parsley, mint How to prepare Wash the bean and leave it to stay in water over night. After that cook it till it boils; drain it and put it in […]

Tavche Gravche

Slatko pronounced: slut-ko Prepare “slatko” in small quantities for best result.Prepare washed fruit as follows: Sour cherries are pitted. Blue plums are pitted and cubed. Quince should be peeled, cored, and quartered. Then they are parboiled for about 5 minutes. Green seedless grapes are washed only. Whichever fruit is used […]

Slatko – Thick Jam

Ingredients needed 1kg. pork meat 4-5 onion pieces 300 gr. ground beef (for small meat balls) tomatoes or ketchup 700 gr. mushrooms 300 gr. dry smoked meat into small pieces salt, pepper, spices, bukovec some wine, cheese cream How to prepare First do the meatballs and include a piece of […]

Selsko Meso

Ingredients needed pickled cabbage leaves rice in a cup of coffee 2-3 onion pieces 0.5 kg. mixed ground beef oil, red pepper, pepper, salt, spices 250 gr. steamed meat How to prepare Cut the onion into small pieces and fry it on oil. Add the ground meat, red pepper, pepper, […]